My Story

After some career challenges, I moved further south, and decided to open my own place"

I was thinking, if I could open a salon, how would it be different from any other place? I can't just be the same and lower the price. That's stupid. There's a place on every corner to get your hair cut. It doesn’t make any sense to just save a buck. I needed to charge what I’m worth. I'd have to be different.

Customer service. Specialize. Find a niche, and fill it. The ladies already have dozens of spas to go to. What about the guys? Men deserve special attention too.

Those are the things that kept bumping around in my head. Think about it – when a guy goes to get a haircut, what are his options? The barber? Sure, barbers are okay for a quick in-and-out cut. They have a lot of experience, but it’s always rushed. No shampoo; no shoulder rub; no special attention. It’s all about mad volume.

Same with chain salons, only those are a 1000 times worse, because their experience is limited. It’s a roll of the dice on whether or not you’ll get a good cut. And ever wonder why you see a whole new bumper crop of stylists there every time you go in? It’s because they don’t last long. Chain salon employers treat their stylists poorly, and pay a pittance. They are timed on their haircuts, and could get docked in pay if they don’t perform under a certain amount of time. Remember, most people don’t quit their jobs – they quit their employer/management. Sure, there are exceptions, but we’re talking about your looks here. Who would want to walk out of a chain salon looking like they just stuck their head in a blender?

You could go to your wife’s hair stylist, but she will rush you too? She’s usually busy with another client, most likely doing a color, and she’ll try to squeeze you in.

My idea is to have a place for men. I will be constantly upgrading to have a lounge-like feel to the shop; a place to relax and enjoy a spa-like experience.

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